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Fire Engineering Technology

Fire Engineering Technology is a fire service to industrial, commercial and specialized facilities in accordance with international and local regulations. The objective is to provide management with the complete fire engineering solution for the fire safety of the facility and it's employees.



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Fire System Design

Fire systems in accordance with fire standards and codes have been designed for years utilizing the fire equipment that traditionally was available to the fire installation companies. However, technology has advanced and nozzles, valves, piping, chemical additives, fire resistant materials, etc have been researched and tested for use in the fire industry.

Water flow rates and droplet size has changed the way that fires can be extinguished. Gases such as Halons were banned for use and carbon dioxide has come under scrutiny.


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The above is an installation on a mine in Zambia where the use of modern spray nozzles gives a fine spray droplet size which uses less water but is more effective than old water spray nozzles.


The above demonstrates the water droplet size difference with a coarse spray, followed by a fine spray followed by almost an atomized spray pattern. The finer spray patterns use less water therefore costs are saved because pump sizes can be reduced, pipe sizes can be reduced and water storage capacity can be reduced. All of these cost savings are to the benefit of the client.

This is not always practical and should be carefully considered for the environment where the installation operates however the function of the fire designer is to provide the most effective performance and the most cost effective fire system.

This is one example of fire engineering in the design of fire systems. The performance criteria of the fire code is met utilizing modern equipment that was not available when some of the fire codes were originally drafted. Fire codes are updated however this takes time and invariably is years behind the development of the equipment.



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